Coaching Philosophy

A good coach can transform your life. There is no way around it, when you find a coach you trust, who is knowledgeable and understands you and your goals, the impact can be profound. Quality coaching can be the difference between success and failure in athletics.

I believe that each athlete must be looked at as a unique individual when it comes to goal achievement. If performance were as easy as following numbers, success would be nearly effortless! But this is, for better or for worse, not the case. There is no doubt that success in athletic performance is a formula, requiring many things to come together in order to function well. Working towards athletic success in the real world requires just as much psychological attention as it does physiological attention. Most every person must navigate real life factors like work and family and travel and sickness.

I aim to serve my athletes as an attentive, knowledgeable and present guide. I genuinely care about each individual's path to success and I work with them to forge goals that are clear and achievable. I draw upon my lifetime of experience as a competitive athlete from the recreational level to the professional level, and just as importantly, I use my experience working with dozens of different professional coaches throughout my life. I've collected a vast amount of knowledge by working with these amazing coaches who have been so instrumental to my success historically.

Coaching is something I'm incredibly passionate about. I have years of experience as an endurance athlete coach and I look forward to using that experience in helping you on your journey.